Scheduled tweets are not working send all my tweet to queque.

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Hi scheduled is not working for me and also cant scheduled on my facebook page, for a #200 error. how i fix it? i want to pay for the service, but if this do not work well..............
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Please try:
1. remove the Facebook page from https://ritetag.com/settings/
2. refresh browser
3. add Facebook page

Let us know if that doesn't let you schedule to Facebook.

- Saul
I am having the same problem. Also, the app extension in mozilla browser does not work.
Thanks, Beau. Can you try uninstalling RiteTag from Firefox and then, go to RiteTag, get Firefox from the site? Pull-down from name to Extensions or, from the HP, get it there. Let us know if you still have any problems.

- Saul
Just checking - we should be good i Firefox again, right? - Saul
oh i did it 3 times , and i also delete ritetag app from facebook, and conect it again and just do not works.
We just fixed this a few hours ago. Can you try again? - Saul
This is happening to me now, but it is happening with Twitter rather than Facebook.
How are you sending - from Buffer, from the browser bar button or on the RiteTag site "New" or "Composer" (in Analytics Pages), and with which browser extension?


I was sending from within RiteTag. Specifically, I clicked the Auto-Enhance button on the Coach page and then the Auto-Schedule. I have the RiteTag composer button installed in Firefox but have not used it for scheduling.
Many thanks - will get the guys on it in the beginning of the week. - Saul
It seems to work if I use Buffer instead of the RiteTag scheduler. Since I have had nothing but recurrent problems with the RiteTag scheduler, I'll just plan to use Buffer.

this hasn't been answered for me---what is the best way to "schedule" future tweets?