How do I get rid of RiteTag (my account and the browser extension?)

While I would be happy to show you how I get things done as I only can with RiteTag, first, let me tell how to get rid of us:

1. Please go to and first, deselect receive important updates, then save at the bottom.

2. Click close account - all the way at the bottom.

3. Go to your browser settings, which are different for each browser but, for Chrome, for example, to remove the RiteTag extension (which is what you see in effect in Facebook, Twitter, Sendible, Buffer, etc.): the three bars at the top-right of Chrome browser > More tools > Extensions > find the RiteTag extension and remove.

In Firefox, you'll see RiteTag in plugins.

Finally, if you would like to speak with me, so I can screen-share with you and show you how I use RiteTag myself - and see what it gets me and also, for the growth of the RiteTag business, a warm welcome to reserve a video call with me. Sorry for the odd hours of availability; I live in Japan, and I am really the best for you to speak with. To write me privately:



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