How to Connect your Sendible Services (Social Profiles) and use RiteTag Throughout Sendible

Using RiteTag Throughout the Sendible Publishing Platform

Got a bug or question? Be sure to leave us the name or Twitter account that you signed up for RiteTag in your comment below, so we can check your account and look for problems. Please include OS, browser and screenshot to be clear and RiteTag people will get on it and get back to you quickly.

With RiteTag Auto-Enhance*, you have your easiest solution to quickly add images, emoji, and the very best hashtags for immediate and long-term engagement. Then, you can either add them to your RiteTag queue or, export them to Sendible with a CSV file that Sendlible accepts. You also have your full RiteTag customized toolkit, with just the social media marketing tools you need, nothing more, available from the pull-down next to the Auto-Enhance button that you will see throughout Sendible's robust publishing features.

* If you do not have a RiteTag account and the browser extension installed, the Auto-Enhance button in Sendible's Compose box will be the Sendible dark blue.

Your full RiteTag Toolkit from the pull-down next to Auto-Enhance or, as I do here, just Auto-enhance for an image, and hashtags selected for best current engagement as well as long-term appearance in search results:

Throughout Sendible's sharing to social, image, video and other content networks,RiteTag's one-click Auto-Enhance and also your full Toolkit is the world's fastest solution for making everything you share socially optimized to:

  1. pull the eye: images and GIF animations from words, hashtags, and URLs in your posts
  2. get found from hashtag trackers, clickers and searchers (for months, not hours): due to the tweet lifetime hashtag that Auto-Enhance provides. Here's more on RiteTag's hashtag color-grading and how to read the numbers you get as you type/click hashtags in a Tweet.
  3. get engagement from influencer-tagging (See more on adding taggable influencers from words or hashtags with two clicks here.)
  4. get reads, replies, shares, curation/republishing from our followers and beyond: the engagement (green) hashtag that Auto-Enhance provides, and that you'll also find from clicking a word and then the hashtag tool in your full Toolkit.

More on Auto-Enhance is here

More on using hashtags to get better outcomes and real return on social is here

So, how to get RiteTag in your Sendible Composer and Publishing?

If you don't have it, get the RiteTag browser extension, for any/all you use: Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. The Chrome extension can even be used with Vivaldi. Here's how to set up RiteTag in the Vivaldi browser.

Then, in Customize in RiteTag, open Settings at the bottom or go here, select Sendible for your Auto-scheduling, the main social profile that you use for login, and save.

Open Sendible, and the first time you use Composer, you will be asked to authorize your RiteTag account. This gets saved; it wont be asked of you each time you use RiteTag or Sendible.

To get the very most out of the RiteTag <> Sendible integration, see these feature-specific tutorials:

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