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How do I access the GIF library? Since joining this awesome app---I can't figure out why my GIF library keeps disappearing.

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Hi Lisa,

I did a quick video for you on getting GIFs from words or hashtags (below). It doesn't sound like that's the problem - sounds like you've gotten them before. So, is it that they are slow to load - or don't load at all? Please let me know, so I know what to tell the monkeys engineers. A screenshot or two of the problem spot would be a big help, too.

getting gifs from words or hashtags.mp4

Just in case that video's a dud, I just meant to say that you can get GIFs from words or hashtags - and for me, they are sometimes slow, but at least start to load in several seconds. Not the case?

Meanwhile, let me bait-n-switch you: please try highlighting something for which to quote a blog author on. Next, right-click (mouse) and select the Auto-enhance and Share. It'll make an image of the text you highlighted, auto-tag the text in the Tweet/post, and even try to attribute the quote to the blog author. See that @bryanclark attribution? I didn't even do that!

Hey, and thanks for calling this app "awesome." We're never satisfied, so expect to see more in the coming months!




Saul, always taking it to new levels! Chris Messina is going to love this.. Thanks for the tip!

Unless he sees RiteTag as competition :-)

- Saul

Hi Lisa,

Did you see my reply? Are you still having problems with GIFs?