Influencer Research: Is this functionality still possible anywhere from RiteTag's dashboard (other than from within /automation/)?

Kristin 5 years ago updated by RiteTag Support Team 5 years ago 4

One of the highest converting techniques I've used with RiteTag is finding tweets by specific users through the 'Research tab' that we used to have. From that tab, I'd manually

  • enter the twitter handle of the person I wanted to see more of and
  • next I'd retweet the tweets I resonated with most strongly.
  • I used our bomb optimization tools to add a li'l pizzazz.
  • Then, using Ritetag, I connected with other Twitter-users and got their attention.

In short, I made connections that I really wanted to make because I was doing things a bit differently than the standard retweet or banal 'thanks for your info-tweet' in my "Retweets." Posts I made using our optimization tools got noticed and often led to a personal DM thanking me for the extra care I gave to sharing in a unique way.

Although I've somewhat found a work around through /automation/, I really feel like this is a hugely constructive feature we offered and I'd love to see it come back into the dashboard. The 'Research tab' was something I visited daily and although my results are correlative at best, I've seen a decline in my engagement since and speculate as to causation.

Everything in social media is based on a trend, it seems... -Though the followers and customers we gain because we do something that shows them the extra time we take to read and add to the conversation they start - whether it be via a blog post or an important topical hashtag - those are the connections we make for life.

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In analytics pages, even free users can engage with influencers and the Tweets in an analytics page, right from the page.

In Automation, I think this solves your problem better:

- Saul

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