Feature Requests: In /automation for 'add RSS source,' suggest blogs where the sharebar shows & can get author's Twitter handle from page metadata.

Kristin 5 years ago updated by RiteTag Support Team 5 years ago 4

Users will love to have a dropdown menu with listed influential sites from which to choose from and which allow for iframes. With the added bonus to be able to grab the author's Twitter handle from metadata, this could be a killer feature and totally aid in making RiteTag stand out.


I like this and would use it. We'll have to figure out a fast way to identify many of these blogs and perhaps... autocomplete rss' that get author Twitter handle and also allow iFrames

I've started an Evernote table compiling sites that allow me to see the sharebar - but YEAH... if there could be a simpler way to search this information out then it would be ideal.