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Time Zone Issue

Colin fa 6 anys updated by RiteTag Support Team fa 6 anys 1

Every time I search for a hashtag, the hourly average graph says GMT. I'm in Los Angeles (PST) and want to know if the data is off for my time zone for posting purposes

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Hashtag Research

The Better Start fa 6 anys updated by RiteTag Support Team fa 6 anys 1

On the hashtag analytics page are the times in GMT? or are they in my PST my time zone? If they are in GMT this changes my days and times dramatically.

Thanks for the help couldn't find this answer anywhere.


Niche tags

J. Aurel Guay fa 8 anys updated by RiteTag Support Team fa 6 anys 4
Catagorizing tags as 'unused', 'overused', 'good', or 'great' is helpful for mass marketing across all of Twitter, but I want to reach a specific niche of users. I would like to see easier access to tag scores so that I can compare #werewolf vs #werewolves vs #shifter etc. I know there is a page where this is possible, but it wasn't user friendly for direct comparisons and I couldn't find it again in the 3 min I looked just now, so its too buried. 

I would like to see pop-up scores for tags on mouse-over, and a more accessible page for comparing tags against one another.

Add the ability to add team members

Jaron Ray Hinds fa 7 anys updated by RiteTag Support Team fa 6 anys 3
With enterprise and pro ccount need to add VA, PA and Team members

Feature Request: Emoji Auto Enhance

Kristin fa 7 anys updated by RiteTag Support Team fa 6 anys 3

A very helpful feature would be an auto-suggestion of emoji based on the current written text. This could work very similarly to the auto-suggesting of hashtags perhaps. I'm thinking along the lines, too, of what SwiftKey does with their keyboard.

I think this could be very effective in cutting down the time users spend in going back-and-forth between the application in which they're trying to post from and going onto our site in order to reconfigure our /customize emoji settings→ and then back to their post to refresh and have to redo their post.


ritetag server error, error 500?

Bai fa 6 anys 0

Am trying to sign up and got this error. Any workaround?



Amos fa 6 anys 0

You guys should have a feature so that we can select continents for example I would like to just or for wanted to go worldwide or for wanted to just like Australia or either English-speaking countries

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