How do I disconnect some social accounts?

Rachel Medanic 5 years ago updated by RiteTag Support Team 5 years ago 3
I like using Ritetag in Twitter and Hootsuite but when I am working in Facebook it's buggy and interferes with me actually posting- the cursor keeps getting wrangled down into the Ritetag line vs. letting me have it for my actual post. 

I am using Firefox 35.

Other help answers indicate it may be an all or nothing extension and there is no inbetween- can you pls. confirm?

Under review
Thanks, Rachel.  Actually, we're even worse in Google+.  We'll fix everything, but here are two quick fixes:
1. You mentioned social accounts, but I think you mean social networks.  If I'm wrong, and you mean your own variopus Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, etc., just go to Settings (pull-down from your name on the RiteTg site).
2. As for your question on "all or nothing," this is easy, yoo: please click on the RiteTag logo in any of the integrated Sites - such as Facebook, Hootsuite, Twitter.  Not the logo in your browser bar, but the one next to where you write a tweet/update in Hootsuite, etc. The logo will pull-down when you click it, select Settings.  This opens a browser tab.  Deselect any sites where we're a nuisance, and save at the bottom.

Meantime, please do let us know how it's working for you - and if you have a story about how you got something done with smart hashtagging, we'd love that for our Hashtag Academy blog - in the site.

Thanks again,

In fact, we're only about 5-7 days from a huge revision to the browser extension. It will be 100% customizable. - Saul