Hootsuite extension not working again

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I recently opened a Ritetag account and moved from Firefox to Chrome. I have the extension installed but I cannot get the hashtag information to appear in Hootsuite when I am posting in my publisher. It doesn't seem to matter what I do and there is no information on this website about how to deal with this. To say the least, I'm not happy with my service and if this isn't fixed in the next few days I'll be canceling the 1 year account I just bought last week.

Please see https://ritetag.com/customize/ and open the middle section, "Full integrations." If Hootsuite in not selected, can you try that, refresh the browser tab with Hootsuite some seconds later and let me know if that does it?

Do you see the RiteTag tag button in your browser bar (top)? If not, please open Chrome settings > "more tools" > Extensions, and see that the RiteTag extension is enabled.

If this isn't the problem, can you send a screenshot of your browser with Hootsuite open - showing the RiteTag button in the browser bar, but no RiteTag Toolkit in Hootsuite?

Here's mine:


Saul Fleischman

RiteTag CEO


Hi Saul,

Thank you for this follow up. I am not sure what happened. I have it turned on in the full integration section, and the extension enabled but it still wasn't working as of last week. However, yesterday morning when I started up my computer it was suddenly working again. It's quite strange, but I'm glad to see that it's functioning again.




We now are in the Hootsuite App Directory - just click the puzzle on the left in Hootsuite and get the free app (RiteTag Lite/Pro/Agency account required)

Here's the help page for the Hootsuite app:https://ritetag.com/help/ritetag-hootsuite-app-how-to Soon you'll be able to use the RiteTag CTA on links with ow.ly as a choice, not just bit.ly or rtag.co. Give us a week or so on that, though and please keep an eye out for our newsletters.

Sorry for the wait,