Scheduled tweets all going out at once

Atheist Revolution 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 10
I just set several tweets to go out using the scheduler the same way I always do. All went out immediately even though they weren't scheduled for a few hours and should have been spaced out. It appears that the scheduler isn't working.
Under review
Thanks, we'll get on that early in the coming week. - Saul
I just confirmed that this is still not working.
Sorry for the delay in reply and thank you for reminding us. Should be working soon. - SauL
This was reported 2 months ago and is still not working. I can schedule tweets, but they are all sent at once with no interval between them.
okay, again, lots of changes, I'll get someone on this now. Thanks, Saul
While we're on that, A.R., have you logged in and tried Customize in the top menu? I'm love to hear your thoughts, wish-list - Saul
Just checked your /scheduled, didn't see anything in there. Could the bug be killed already? Feel free to send screenshots, details - saul@ritetag.com
Thanks, Saul
After confirming that it wasn't working, I removed all scheduled tweets. So it would not keep happening. I'll try it again.
This problem with scheduling tweets is back. I had four tweets scheduled yesterday, and they all went out simultaneously at a time for which none of them had been scheduled.