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Can't access Account Settings

LeaseEnd 5 years ago updated by RiteTag Support Team 5 years ago 4

When I try to access my account settings it flashes over to the message the servers are being upgraded and check back in an hour or two. This has been a couple days now without access.

Under review

Is this still happening for you? I find that I'm able to open both:





Oh! Right, so I just extended your free trial through November 28 so you get a fair chance to see what you can get done with RiteTag.

Hitting the ground running with RiteTag

For brief instructions on how to set up specific RiteTag tools (in the browser extension and mobile toolkit), please see https://ritetag.com/help/ and from our Youtube channel, these two are must-sees:
Next-gen RiteTag Extension Tutorial: all your must-knows - in under 3 minutes (this is new, not polished, not on the site)
Auto-enhanced and then polished retweet with RiteTag CTA ShareBar - under 2 minutes

And then, all RiteTag how-to videos (each are very short - pure take-away, no fluff):

Also, I'm pretty sure that you are going to like our instant meme-maker, coming in December - it's very similar to Buffer's Pablo...

If you have questions, just send them over.




Figured it out, I didn't realize your free trial was such a limited time or when it expired, I thought just stopped working.