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BUG | There are issues with tags not being properly tracked. Do you plan on fixing this anytime soon?

Berry Ormond 5 years ago updated by RiteTag Support Team 5 years ago 2
Hashtag statistics are completely wrong for many tags. It seems that they are not being tracked. #1u is an example. A simple search on Twitter website shows that there is plenty of use, yet RiteTag is ignoring it. There are many other hashtags showing similar issues. When will this be fixed?
Under review
Good question, Berry. Like every service that does anything with hashtag analytics, we work with representative samples of data. What's more, activity for some hashtags is steady / cyclical for others. Please see https://ritetag.com/best-hashtags-for/1u and then https://ritetag.com/hashtag-stats/1u - and especially the historical data in the second link. Between April 5 - 12 there was little to no activity. - SauL