When adding to buffer rite tag deletes tweet

Torioto 5 years ago updated by RiteTag Support Team 4 years ago 3
I've been having an issue where I'll be editing a tweet in rite tag from my buffer and I'll tag somebody in the tweet.. Then when I go to auto schedule the tweet to save it, it'll delete all of the tweet except the twitter handle of the person I was tagging (without the @ sign) and it saves that instead of the entire tweet
Under review
Sorry about that, Torioto. We are six days from radically upgrading the browser extension which adds functionalities and also kills many bugs (Chrome in 6 days; Firefox and Safari just a couple days later.) I will put the engineers onto the Buffer problem (first we're hearing of this one.)

I thought you might like a sneak-preview of all the tools in that you will be able to toggle on/off, since effective hashtags are just one facet of the total social media marketing toolkit, going live in the upcoming upgrade:

Finally, I think you will want to see AutoEnhance (not even in the screenshot of the coming customizable extension, butAutoEnhance is nearly done, too: the machine studies your Tweet or Facebook update and suggests one green (really good but just for right now) and one blue (makes your Tweet/update come up in search for a long time - weeks/months), gives a far easier image add solution... and I'll save the rest for a little surprise...
Saul / RiteTag CEO
We just shipping the new RiteTag extension. If you're on Chrome, Customize at the top of RiteTag site to choose/change tools in your Toolkit (the new ext).

Would you try again and if this is still a problem, please give details on the process that leads to the bug? Thanks, Saul