Non active Ritetag (Win7/google chrome)

Kouji 6 years ago updated by RiteTag Support Team 6 years ago 5
Non active Ritetag (Win7/google chrome)
Against non active Ritetag,
I tried to set up as follows. add picture.
Hashtag was one
English word only. no japanese word.
71 characters( less 100 characters,Sorr)
non active 3 styles(Tweet now, Auto schedule,Time scedule)
Thank you.
Thanks for reporting the bug. We are upgrading our servers and will fix the posting issue soon.
Kouji, the problem should be fixed now. If not please let us know. Thanks
I am able to use Ritetag now. Thank you for support.
Under review
We just upgraded our data server.  You should find RiteTag working faster.