I'd like to stay logged in permanently, rather than having to re-login at least once a day.

TakeActionWAHM 6 years ago updated by RiteTag Support Team 6 years ago 4
Seeing as it's a browser extension, I dont' understand why I need to login so frequently - it should stay logged in, connected to Twitter. I have to log in at least once a day, some times more - which really detracts from functionality. 
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Please tell us which browser extension?  Chrome?  Firefox?  Safari...?  Which OS do you use, too, please. - SauL
Hi Saul,

I'd like to add this too. I use Macintosh with Firefox. I want to upgrade to a paid plan but unless this and the firefox extension work properly then the service suffers.

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For me, it's the extension that is the problem. I can composet weets with tags on the ritetag site but if I move away and use the Buffer extension, Rite Tag does not fill in. It did before.