Confused by feedback

Jim Hopkins 6 years ago updated by RiteTag Support Team 6 years ago 2
I posted a tweet with three hashtags, each of which Ritetag assessed as "good" tags (coded blue). When I later reviewed my posts on the Ritetag site the tweet was flagged with an exclamation mark -- very low chance of discovery. Which is the accurate assessment -- the individual tag classification or the overall analysis? If the overall is the valid one, I'm missing something on how to use the individual tag analysis. 


Under review

Great question. What people will get to understand over time is that our color-grading system is extremely time-sensitive and always adjusting.  A "good" hashtag now may stay good for months, but depending on spikes in usage, some will tip into a different range (great or overused) - and this can happen at any minute.  Thus, we stand by what we're telling you at both times: when you sent/scheduled the tweet (how the tags and total tweet score was - then) as well as how we'd rate it now (when you use "Audit my timeline" - from the dashboard on our site), should you reschedule it.  
Thus, it may have been very good at the time, but if you were to reschedule, you might want to buff up a hashtag or two.
I hope this helps,