Safari extension appears broken

Jim Hopkins 6 years ago updated by RiteTag Support Team 5 years ago 4
Installed and reinstalled the Safari extension, but when I click on the icon I get a blank dialog. Have waited for as long as a minute to see if the dialog will populate, but nada. 

Trying to use with Safari 8 on Yosemite 10.10, on iMac 5k.
Under review
Thanks, Jim, indeed, it is.  We are polishing the new extension, which we'll ship for Chrome first, Safari and Firfox days later.  For now, can I be a stinker and ask you to use the Chrome extension? - SauL
Sorry Saul, 

I missed your response. I notice that RT appears to be fine now with Safari (as of 9:26 EDT on 11/11), but is still not working with Buffer on Safari. (tags are shown but not highlighted per the key).

I'll revert to Chrome for a while, but that doesn't play nice with bookmark mobile sync, as I'm sure you know. Thanks for the response.