Ritetag do not act. now. 21:20(GMT+9:00) Sep 17

Kouji 6 years ago updated by RiteTag Support Team 6 years ago 3

Ritetag act until nearly 19:00(GMT+9:00) surely.
But Ritetag do not act. now.
I tried.
Reloading the page.
Close and open Google chrome
Re-start My PC
3 styles "Send Now" , "Auto schedule" and "Time schedule"
I am unable to recieve "Done message"
Consolation prize.
Please Kaizen. 
Thank you.
Under review
Please copy your tweet and save it somewhere.  refresh the page.  Try again, and please tell us if it still does not allow you to send. - Saul
Sorry. Saul-san. I forgot. I chatted you in facebook.