Integration with Sendible?

Neil Hart 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 5
After much deliberation, we're just about to move from HootSuite/Buffer to sendible. Any chance you guys could work together to combine your tool's power with theirs?  If you could, would definitely be signing up with you!

Under review
Thanks, Neil. Actually, the thing to suggest (to them) is to integrate our API into their social sharing.  It's easy, they have API integration experience, and its right on the bottom of our site. - SauL
OK, thanks. Will drop them a line.

PS any plans to develop the publishing side of your tool along the lines of Buffer/Hootsuite etc?
Well, note that with the RiteTag browser button, you get three ways to schedule any web page.  And then, tweets to engage with from Stats pages.  Also, from Hootsuite or Tweetdeck, try clicking a mini-profile, then the "get attention of" button at the bottom of the mini-profile... A great way to get people talking.  Trim a retweet down, add an image, hashtag 1-2 operative words - that's what I do.

As for content suggestions, we would consider it, but even if we did, it would be in quite some time.  We think more  users are going to like five sources of images from words/hashtags, intel on influencers to engage by tagging them, and some things we... not ready to discuss... that are in the labs... SauL
Fair enought, and quite right - sure it would be quite a project!  Anyway, keep up what you're doing. Just hoping now trhat Sendible bite the cherry I've dangled and integrate RiteTag! :)