Ritetag's URL Shortener is Bullying Hootsuite's ow.ly One

Louis Martin Jr. 5 years ago updated by RiteTag Support Team 4 years ago 2
On yesterday I began to notice that your (Ritetag's) URL shortener kept using its own vanity url instead of Hootsuite's (in Hootsuite's software). This has never happen before, and I was quite confused. I decided (per Hootsuite) to uninstall your extension and everything seems to be fine now - sucks though, because now I have to login to my Ritetag account to research #'s :-|
Under review
Hey Louis, thanks for that. A quick fix that doesn't require disabling the extension, please visit https://ritetag.com/customize/ and expand Integrations (bottom.) Turn off Hootsuite.

Just did this 2 days ago - 1 min on Customize (please ignore the iphone/android reference; just weeks off for those):
This way, you can use RiteTag everywhere, while we work on Hootsuite.