Hi, why can't I get ritetag to work in tweetdeck??

Andrea Beazley 6 years ago updated by BB Barbara 5 years ago 3
I was really hoping I could get ritetag to work in tweetdeck but it doesn't seem to be connected. Help!
Under review
Andrea, yes, we know, and are launching the next-generation Chrome extension in a matter of days.  It will do much more in Tweetdeck, Buffer, and even Facebook and Google+.  Hang in there a few days, and if I may preview by screen-share what's nearly ready to release, please video cal with me - osakasaul@gmail.com.  I'll also be glad to give you a few RiteTag pro-tips, what's coming in November - January, and would be glad to help you on ideas for how to get your stuff done with RiteTag and our integrations. - SauL
I just set up RiteTag on my bowser-Safari-but it doesn't show up in Tweetdeck. I don't see any online help info either. Do I need to do something to activate it? It's been authorized by Twitter.