Why isn't it updating anymore

Sigmund 6 years ago updated by Michal Hudeček 6 years ago 7
The dashboard is not updating anymore and shows old results
Under review
Hi, what exactly is not updating for you? When you click on Refresh button no new tweets are loaded?

We do not automatically run audits every time you load a page. With a free account you can audit your Twitter timeline 5 times per mont.
I didn't know the 5 times/month rule. So that's OK with me for a free version. But I can't remember refreshing audit 5 times and you should advise the user, beside or on the Refresh button, how many are left. Moreover, practically nothing is responding (Mac user on Chrome or Safari) and site is very slow.


you should see a green info bar with remaining audits for this month (see screenshot). 

Regarding the speed, can you send me ideally a screenshot from Network tab in JavaScript console in Chrome?

I don't see that green box.
Is that the screenshot you want?
Can you please open the console, reload the page and then take a screenshot, ideally larger area so we can see loading times of various resources?