Tag sets error ( 4 contents ) 

Kouji 6 years ago updated by RiteTag Support Team 6 years ago 6

Ritetag active now. No problem.
This bag is " Tag sets " error ( 4 contents )
I logout and login. This phenomenons continue now.

Write English only
Broken URL. So can't Link
Write English and Japanese
Change Japanese word=> " ? " :-)
Broken URL can't Link
Re-wrote No.1 English only.
Change Hashtag and Tag set's name.
Born many another word :-(
Re-Write No.3
Another phenomenon(watch picture)

Back memories.
This style is nearly my former company work.
I had to write Japanese and broken English at Email,word,pdf,etc. 
Before I was employee. Just now I am Ritetag user :-/
Thank you
Under review
Thanks, Kouji.  I will try to explain to the guys in the coming week.
I spoke with Kouji, main issue is that TagSets are for saving hashtags, not hashtags + text, URLs, etc.
RT Team: see his No. 4 phenomenon: this is like the pre-filled tagset save box issue we have in asana.
Yeah! And cannot change the tag set name!!! tried clicking the pencil icon... maybe I need a hammer!
Amyn, is your browser window at 100%?  What OS/browser, please, and we'll look into it.  Just tested, working for me in WIN7/Chrome browser. - SauL