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Hashtag analytics not working!

ALiu 6 years ago updated by RiteTag Support Team 6 years ago 4
I just upgraded to Lite plan. When I use hootsuite (whether on hootsuite website or use Hootsuite Extension on Twitter website) the hashtage analytics is not working and ask me to upgrade my plan! I've tried to log out and log in again with Twitter, Hootsuite, and Rite Tag accounts and it's still not working.

Here are the screenshots for Twitter:

and Hootsuite:

Also, on my profile, it shows the lite plan is expired on 31 Dec, 1969. How to change that?
Under review
Thanks - yes, minor changes were being made to the extension, so it was offline for about an hour.  You'll find that it automatically updated to the new version, - SauL 
Exactly the same issue I have except I have Pro. 
Doesn't show in Safari; only Chrome. (Mac)
Ah, okay, the Chrome ext on OSX.  Yes, we know about this issue.  We're on it, will reply when fixed.  Sorry for the nuisance. - SauL