First time user... getting undefined error when trying to retweet one of my previous tweets.

Pocketchalker 5 years ago updated by RiteTag Support Team 5 years ago 2
First time I've ever used this site and I'm getting an undefined error no matter what I do to retweet one of my previous tweets. Basic tweet with 2 tags, some text and a shortlink.
Under review
Firstly, thanks for that.  A couple ideas:
1. by retweet, do you mean "tweet again" (send the same tweet again)?  By Twitter's rules, you can only send the same tweet once in 12 hours.  However, if you wish to send again, from the Share menuu - https://ritetag.com/audit - Audit your tweets, change a hashtag or two, and you can send anytime - since it will be a different tweet in the "eyes of Twitter."
2. May I help, and show you some hidden glories?  Just add saul@ritetag.com to gmail chat, chat > video call.  Very happy to help; I love working with (and learning from!!) RiteTaggers.

- SauL