Couple of things Hootsuite and account

VegasCanuck 4 years ago updated by RiteTag Support Team 4 years ago 2

ritetag extension added to chrome, however not working with sprout social or hootsuite, as well it says I have 4 days left on my lite free trial however I've paid the monthly payment. what gives?

Under review


That should be fixed now, right?

Do let me know if not,



We now are in the Hootsuite App Directory - just click the puzzle on the left in Hootsuite and get the free app (RiteTag Lite/Pro/Agency account required)

Here's the help page for the Hootsuite app:https://ritetag.com/help/ritetag-hootsuite-app-how-to Soon you'll be able to use the RiteTag CTA on links with ow.ly as a choice, not just bit.ly or rtag.co. Give us a week or so on that, though and please keep an eye out for our newsletters.

Sorry for the wait,