Ritetag not showing in Hootsuite OR Twitter

Louis Martin Jr. 4 years ago updated by RiteTag Support Team 4 years ago 1

Still not seeing Ritetag in Hootsuite (I have Chrome), what's the deal? This has been down for a couple of weeks.


We now are in the Hootsuite App Directory - just click the puzzle on the left in Hootsuite and get the free app (RiteTag Lite/Pro/Agency account required)

Here's the help page for the Hootsuite app:https://ritetag.com/help/ritetag-hootsuite-app-how-to Soon you'll be able to use the RiteTag CTA on links with ow.ly as a choice, not just bit.ly or rtag.co. Give us a week or so on that, though and please keep an eye out for our newsletters.

Sorry for the wait,