Can I post to my Facebook Fan Page?

Mikki 4 years ago updated by RiteTag Support Team 4 years ago 1

I just registered for the Pro 7-day trial and would like to post to my Facebook Fan Page. Is it not possible for me to do so?


Hi Mikki,

Yes! Here's how:

  1. Open Facebook. Be sure you are signed in as yourself - your personal account.
  2. In https://ritetag.com/customize/auto-schedule assuming you use RiteTag as your scheduler, click the + next to Facebook.
  3. Facebook will then lead you through a couple screens so you can choose your Facebook Page. We suggest doing that, rather than your profile, since hashtags, etc. work from your page only.
Hope this helps and if you have any trouble either getting your Facebook scheduling set up or, please let me know.

- Saul