Not seeing any stats

Robin Camarote 4 years ago updated by RiteTag Support Team 4 years ago 1

Hi- I'm not seeing any stats on common hashtags. #diversity and #conservation are two examples


Hi Robin,

I find that current engagement on #diversity is low, but exists. See the stats to the right of the spherical tree at the bottom of https://ritetag.com/best-hashtags-for/diversity - and try clicking related hashtags that have beeter engagement, such as #inclusion.

Also, for #conservation, try searching the site and either using a suggested hashtag that gets auto-completed, or, just following through with conservation, but pull down to "By topic" when you search - so you get https://ritetag.com/best-hashtags-for/conservation

Looks like you might want to try similar topic words as starting points; engagement isn't very high on even the better hashtags used with #diversity.

Hope this helps,