Scheduled posts stay in queue

Jeroen Verheyen 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 10

My scheduled posts stay in queue indefinetly since a couple of days. Any ideas?

Under review

Sorry to learn that, Jeroen. Are you scheduling with RiteTag, Buffer or Sendible? https://ritetag.com/customize/auto-schedule

Also, can you give us screenshot(s) of what you see in https://ritetag.com/scheduled/ if you are scheduling with RiteTag? And what Twitter account do you use for login to the site? (Just the account, such as @osakasaul - not password.)



I am using RiteTag for scheduling. Twitter account is @JeroenVerheyen.

It looks like the Tweet is over 140 characters. Can you try editing, saving? - Saul


Thanls so much for the prompt response.

Sure! But please do let us know if my suggestion does it. - Saul

Strange. Both Twitter and RiteTag says that I still have 3 characters left. I'll try shortening it none the less...

I went from 3 characters left to 7 left. But it still seems stuck in queue.


Actually, one of the devs noted that he fixed something with scheduling, so, it should be good now. - Saul

The Tweet went out! So that is great. However, 2 times. The shortened and the original one. I'll schedule another Tweet to see if all is fine now. Thanks so much, Saul.