hootsuite extension not working...

The Support Room 6 years ago updated by RiteTag Support Team 6 years ago 3

I used to be able to see the ritetag grading for hashtags at the bottom of the "compose message" window in Hootsuite. It used to grade hashtags as I typed and I found this extremely useful. For some reason that has stopped working and all I see now is a "low" chance to discovery irrespective of what # I put. Even the ones that are supposedly trending (according to the ritetage web search) as labeled OVERUSED when I type them on the hootsuite "compose message" window.
Anyone else experiencing the same problem? Anyone has any idea how to fix this issue?

FYI - I'm on a Pro Plan


Thanks, Monica.  We are just a few days from a huge update to the Chrome extension (and Firefox, Safari to follow not long after).  Six instant stats/hashtag, search from words, stats and associated hashtags just from clicking in a hashtag, and all this riding in Hootsuite, Twitter, Buffer, Tweetdeck, Sprout Social, SocialOomph, and... Facebook and Google+, too.  

If you have the Chrome extension, watch it change - in the coming week.  We think this update will solve the issue you're facing and provide more functionality as well. - SauL