Pro account issues

sagr 5 years ago updated by RiteTag Support Team 4 years ago 3
  • Hi with free account auto enhance option was great with Arabic hashtag but now with lite and pro account that option does not support an Arabic hashtag
So please I would like to cancel my membership how ?
Under review
Hi Sagr,

Sorry, please give us a couple days to look into this. For now, since AutoEnhance looks into your Tweet's topic and then attempts to find an image to attach and also a Green hashtag (great engagement now) and a Blue hashtag (so the tweet comes up in searches for months, not hours), sometimes the hashtags will be Arabic; almost always they will be English. Occassionally, you will see hashtags in other alphabets/languages as well. However, I suggest you consider the increase in engagement that you will see, if you use AutoEnhance often.

For more: https://ritetag.com/help/how-to-automate-social-media

Also, a warm welcome to tweet to @ritetag - show us what you are doing, whether the results are good or bad; we love hearing from RiteTaggers and want to help you get better results.