Seems like scheduled tweets cannot be deleted.

IcanPrep 6 years ago updated by Michal Hudeček 6 years ago 19
I discovered that I can't delete scheduled tweets. Since there is an option to delete  but it doesn't work, I believe this might be a bug.
Hi, we have just try it and it works for us. Can you send us more info about your browser and what exactly happens? Do you at least see a confirmation popup?
Mozila firefox for ubuntu 27.0.1. After clicking delete, I get the confirmation popup then nothing happens after consenting
Ok. Can you please also send me your Twitter handle?
Can you please try to reload the page (ideally even cache) and try it again? Thanks. Sorry for the trouble.
I emptied my cache and reloaded the page. Still didn't work. I noticed this from my javascript console though:
1. On page load, you log an Array object to the console.
2. When i click the delete button icon, console.log says - "Empty string passed to getElementById()."
3. Which I click 'Yes', it still logs - 'Empty string passed to getElementById().' and there's a pause. I presume the pause is for sending the confirmation to the server. When the response comes, console.log shows 'error' and then prints an Object from your global.js called from API2_INIT() function. object.status is 405, object.statusText is 'method not allowed'.

Seems like something indeed is broken
Hi Michal, any feedback?
We haven't found in scenario in which this error can trigger. Are you sure this error is caused by ritetag? Can you please send us screenshot of the console?

Thanks for your cooperation

This is immediately after clicking 'Yes'. Meanwhile, I moved to Windows 7, Firefox 28.0 to test it again. Still the same story
......Then Windows 7, IE 11, same ol' story. Here's a screenshot

We are still investigating this. Sorry for the delay. We cannot find a way how to trigger the error on our machines.
Thats strange. On Chromium Version 32.0.1700.107, Ubuntu 12.04, the same thing persists:

Thanks. We have checked the log and found out that Twitter returned this error:

code:187, message:Status is a duplicate.

Did you sent the same tweet before manually? We'll show these Twitter errors on Schedule page to make it clear why it didn't went out.

The time is wrong. There was a bug. We'll fix it ASAP.

Yes I think I did actually.
Can you please try to delete scheduled Tweets now? We may have found a workaround. Looks like your internet provider (or something in your computer) is blocking DELETE requests. Let us know.
Sorry, I couldn't be available. Delete now works.
Perfect. Thanks a lot for letting us know.