Color coding not working in Hootsuite

Ralph 5 years ago updated by RiteTag Support Team 4 years ago 4
I just installed the RiteTag Chrome extension and signed in to RiteTag via my Hootsuite dashboard.
While the analytics appear at the bottom of the compose message box, the color coding of my hashtags is not applied in the compose box (unlike the functionality I see in Twitter). Is that by design?
Also, I thought RiteTag would suggest hashtags based upon the context of the text in the compose message box. I don't see that.
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Yes, that's by design. Color coding must be outside the message field (box) in Hootsuite and all our integrations other than Twitter. As for suggesting hashtags, yes, we do that - when you click on a word and then, the search button.  Or, click in a hashtag in your tweet field (in Hootsuite and other integrated sites) and you'll see a pull-down with hashtags recently used with the clicked hashtag.

Hope this helps - SauL
Got it. I thought it was a little more intuitive - that it would understand the context of an entire message (not just a word in the message) and suggest hashtags. Thank you.

We now are in the Hootsuite App Directory - just click the puzzle on the left in Hootsuite and get the free app (RiteTag Lite/Pro/Agency account required)

Here's the help page for the Hootsuite app:https://ritetag.com/help/ritetag-hootsuite-app-how-to Soon you'll be able to use the RiteTag CTA on links with ow.ly as a choice, not just bit.ly or rtag.co. Give us a week or so on that, though and please keep an eye out for our newsletters.

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