Taking Up Optimal Post Real Estate

Market Me Media 5 years ago updated by RiteTag Support Team 4 years ago 3
When sharing a link, the link does not shorten, therefore taking up more characters than needed, thus costing real estate on the post. Another service shortens the shared link, those B people and it provides for optimized character count for the post. https://gyazo.com/f399f160eb857a746d9c2637b02878c5
Under review
Many thanks for the heads-up. We're monkeying with the extension right now, and will get URL-shortening back online very soon. By the way, if you are on the Pro or Agency plan, you might want to visit your https://ritetag.com/settings/ - you can choose to have links converted to bit.ly rather than rtag.co. I am using the bit.ly option.
- SauL
From our side, we see links getting converted. For Twitter, they're done automatically; for Facebook, if you have bit.ly set, they go to FB as bit.ly. If you still see a problem, can you give us screenshots or tweet URLs in which we can see tweets sent from RiteTag that went out with full URLs?

Thanks - SauL