I can only connect to my personal Facebook page and not my company page. How do I connect my COMPANY page to Ritetag?

CatholicEditor 4 years ago updated by RiteTag Support Team 4 years ago 1

How do I connect my company page to RItetag? Right now, it only connects my personal Facebook page.


Hi Michelle,

If you see "upgrade" (pull-down from your name in the RiteTag site), you will see that with Lite, you can send/schedule to up to three Twitter and three Facebook profiles/pages with Pro. With Lite, just one of each. If you signed up with Twitter - if you login with Twitter - and wish to change the Facebook profile to a Facebook page, please remove Facebook in https://ritetag.com/customize/auto-schedule, refresh, login to your Facebook page in Facebook, and add in https://ritetag.com/customize/auto-schedule.

Anything else, glad to help!