Auto Enhance Button on Hootsuite's Hootlet in Chrome

Wendy Forbes 4 years ago updated by RiteTag Support Team 4 years ago 2

The auto enhance button is stepping on the native Hootsuite selections in the Hootlet. It is taking the place of the ability to add tags to the message which is something I need to use all the time.

Under review

Yikes!!! Wendy, it could be that you use Hootsuite in ways we never tested (it happens.)

Would you be so kind as to drag and drop or upload screenshots that show ways we block Hootsuite functions/buttons/etc.?

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We now are in the Hootsuite App Directory - just click the puzzle on the left in Hootsuite and get the free app (RiteTag Lite/Pro/Agency account required)

Here's the help page for the Hootsuite app:https://ritetag.com/help/ritetag-hootsuite-app-how-to Soon you'll be able to use the RiteTag CTA on links with ow.ly as a choice, not just bit.ly or rtag.co. Give us a week or so on that, though and please keep an eye out for our newsletters.

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