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Please let us know what you think of the new experience in Buffer:

Paste or type your post/Tweet/update in the field, hit AutoEnhance.
Then, you can fine-tune with your RiteTag Toolkit.

You’ll get click-to-add hashtag suggestions that are color-graded for engagement and longevity. If possible, AutoEnhance will add a # to 1-2 operative words in your Tweet to make them hashtags. When it’s better to leave your wording alone but add hashtags to the end of the Tweet, AutoEnhance will add one green* and one blue* hashtag to the end of your Tweet. We’ll also add an image or animated GIF which, if you are over 140 characters, you might need to remove (the X on the image icon) or, trim the text of your Tweet (better!)

Hashtag smarter: one green, one blue, never more than two.

* Green hashtag = real good, right now. Good engagement and the Tweet density (Tweets/hour containing this hashtag) is in the perfect range.

* Blue hashtag = wonderful for getting your tweet to come up in search for weeks to months, not just 1-2 days, since the tweet density is not too high. The blue hashtag grade indicates that there is some engagement, but with a moderate number of Tweets/hour with this hashtag, when people click on the hashtag for recent tweets containing it or, when they search it, get Tweets in a search column (Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, SalesForce and other listening dashboards, etc.), your Tweet is very likely to get read. The blue hashtag grade indicates that this hashtag is great for extending the life of your Tweet.

If the image added is an animated GIF, you'll see it playing - right in Buffer:

So, what do you think? Should we do this in Hootsuite, SproutSocial, Facebook?

Do you use the AutoEnhanced Tweet as-is or do you use your RiteTag Toolkit tools to refine further?

What other sites should have the AutoEnhance Button?

Any bugs to share? Please let us know your OS, browser extension and screenshots help a lot - right in the comments below.




Ok, Aicx, we fixed the Buffer Groups and chosen accounts problems. Give it another try?
It's not working for me.. in Buffer I have groups set up and that really makes it efficient when posting tweets to my chosen accounts per group. But, after I have already chosen my group, and click on "Auto Enhance" --- it loads all accounts linked to Buffer, and I have to choose again which ones I want to have the tweet published on.

After two attempts.. will be removing riteTag.. at least until it updates
Under review
Thanks, Aicx. Quick temporary fix: go to Customize in RiteTag and expand Integrations (bottom) - deselect Buffer and you'll be able to use us everywhere else. And then, looking into https://blog.bufferapp.com/introducing-groups-one-click-social-media-sharing we'll see if we can do the Buffer Groups thing, too. Looks like this is the one thing we overlooked. Doh!!!


Ok, Aicx, we fixed the Buffer Groups and chosen accounts problems. Give it another try?
I dislike how it prevents me sending to Buffer unless I Auto-enhance first - the Buffer button is dimmed. My 'solution' is to disable the RiteTag extension (Chrome).
Thanks for the feedback, Alex. We're still deciding whether to do this everywhere, testing RiteTaggers' reactions to the AutoEnhance in Buffer.

Quick temporary fix: go to Customize in RiteTag and expand Integrations (bottom) - deselect Buffer and you'll be able to use us everywhere else. Meantime, please note that AutoEnhance is our most powerful feature, with image plus two hashtags, one for engagement, the other for tweet lifetime, and in one click - and after this, you get the full Toolkit..

What's more, set up your LinkGoodies and everything you Buffer gets your call-to-action ShareBar at the top.

Here's more on what we do with Buffer: https://ritetag.com/help/buffer-ritetag-social-media-publishing
For more on AutoEnhance, please see https://ritetag.com/help/how-to-automate-social-media

- Saul
Here's my feedback. I've only used it twice, but so far, my annoyance is that I created my post and included my "Message for Facebook". Then, seeing the new button, I clicked it and a NEW window popped up. I liked the edited RiteTag version for TWITTER, so I clicked "Add to Queue". When I went x'ed out, I went back to the original post....so now what? So I clicked "Add to queue" again. Why would it allow me to add to queue twice? Suspicious, I went to Bufferapp.com and, sure enough, duplicates were posted.

My suggested solution: the NEW window should not have an "Add to Queue" button. Instead, it should have the equivalent of a "Update my post" button that updates the previous window and closes out that Auto-Enhance window.

Does that make sense?

Thanks, Leigh, totally makes sense. The problem is that we cannot delete items from Buffer's Queue. We can only add. Thus, my process is to either AutoEnhance (nearly always) or Manually Enhance, then Add to queue, and then, before I forget, delete the original post. However, I will bring this up with the guys again on Monday. No promises, but I'll ask if there's something we can do.

As for the ability to schedule more than once, this is so that you can schedule - with manual time/day scheduling, numerous times over days... weeks.. for when you're promoting something and, like a commerical, want to hit people a number of times over the course of weeks or more.


Hey Saul,

Thanks for your response. You understand my request. I'd love to be able to edit the original post. At the very least, if you can't edit the original post, please have a pop-up that says what has been added and to delete the original post. Currently, because these things don't work together seamlessly, it is not clear that it is getting posted. I had to manually go to bufferapp.com to realize that it was indeed posted, even though I was brought back to the original post and the "Add to Queue" button was still staring at me as if it was not posted yet.

We're working on a solution to edit and replace in Buffer Queue. Should be this week. - Saul
Another thing: every time I click "add to queue", it's getting SCHEDULED, not just getting added to the queue.
Isn't that what "Add to queue" normally does - adds to the Buffer queue, which schedules the post? - Saul
Hey Saul,

No, add to queue adds to the Buffer queue, which is different from being scheduled. For example, my Buffer queue for Twitter is:

  • Monday @ 1:04p
  • Monday @ 5:35p
  • Monday @ 9:55p
  • Tuesday @ 1:04p
  • Tuesday @ 5:35p
  • Tuesday @ 9:55p
  • Wednesday @ 1:04p
  • etc.
So, when I add to queue, the next open timeslot is where the article goes. When I use Auto-enhance and click to add to queue, it does not add to the queue. It gets scheduled for THAT same day at a time that doesn't make sense to me. For example, I just did it and it scheduled a post for today at 8p, even though there are 5 things already in the queue and 8p is not part of my queue timeslot process.

Is that clear?

Another suggestion: please add the "Message to Facebook" section on your Auto-enhance page. Right now, I'm having to manually do 2 add to queues where before I did 1. I'd like to Auto-enhance the Twitter version, then edit the Facebook message version, then click "Add to queue" one time. Right now, i'm auto-enhancing for Twitter, deselecting Facebook, adding to queue, going back to the original post, deselecting Twitter, editing the "Message for Facebook" and posting a second time. Does that make sense?

The only thing that is frustrating is how slow it is. I can more quickly optimize myself (often) than doing it one by one. It would be great if it was able to run a script and then I could go through the batch to accept. Like a power user mode

Thanks, Steven. What we will soon get started on is a Automation Dashboard. It will be in the RiteTag site, where you'll import your Buffer queue (and have .rss' and several other sources to choose from), load posts/Tweets, select those to Auto-enhance, and then do them as a batch. We'll need at least a few weeks, but it's a big priority. I mean, I need the automation thing myself!!




It's wonderful & I look forward to automation dashboard. great job peeps.


I detest the auto enhance feature. It introduces a completely unnecessary second step to buffering a tweet. Please bring back the feature that worked within the initial buffer window - it was much simpler. I'm considering ditching the ritetag service it is so clumsy now.

Thanks much for the feedback, Elsa. Actually, we needed to do this for stability and also, to allow for fast adjustments for when Buffer and other sites we integrate with modify their page layout. It happens, and playing catch-up has been bogging us down for months.

Please note that you can pull down - the little arrow to the right of Auto-enhance button - to get your full RiteTag Toolkit.

Hope this helps, a little, at least,



Thanks for the response. It does help some and I do love the service ritetag provides but the Buffer integration still needs some work to aid in ease of use.


So true - and why the guys have been working at a new integration, and for Buffer, and for all integrations, from early December, you will see Auto-Enhance working in 3-4 seconds, not 15. Smarter hashtag suggestions, too; they wont always be one green, one blue, they'll be the best relevant two hashtags. - Saul

I absolutely love it! Its eliminates a bunch of steps. Gives me the best hashtags effortlessly. And works seamlessly. I can't love it enough. Thanks guys you rock!