Hashtag search not operating properly!

Louis Martin Jr. 6 years ago updated by RiteTag Support Team 6 years ago 5
For whatever reason, I haven't (for the past week) been able to research hashtags?!?! The 'colored search terms' are not colored. My Firefox extension is not pulling up search results that I am typing in - what seems to be the problem? I have unistalled/reinstalled, refreshed, rebooted, re-everything! Someone please resolve - paid customer is extremely frustrated!
Under review
Thanks, Louis.  Mozilla made a big change, we're playing catch-up.  We'll have the Firefox extension working again this week, hopefully early in the week.  In the meantime, any chance we can get you to use the Chrome extension?  It what I'm using, and it's solid.  I think you'll especially like what you can do when you click on the RiteTag browser bar button from any web page you want to share.  Try clicking in a hashtag for alternatives,or touching a word to search it for associated hashtags. - SauL
Okay, thanks for the immediate response. I'll give the Chrome extension a try!
Louis, Many thanks for making do with Chrome, but I think we have your FireFox extension fixed. You may need to re-install, but then, how is it behaving for you now? Working well for me, running in Firefox version 32.0.2 (latest). - SauL
Seems to be working fine now, thanks!