Hi Derek,

The free tier only includes hashtag analytics, not the ability to use Composer.

You would need our Lite plan for that.



I see, Saul.

I think when I signed in from a different user, it;s giving me the 7-day free trial which is why it it working. How do I recover my account back though?

You would need to pay for one of our plans. This will not recover your account, but rather, start a new one. The only loss is that your My Intel will not show you hashtags that have gotten you good results in the past, only from now.

Note that My Intel shows analytics on hashtags and Tweets, Facebook updates sent from RiteTag or the browser extension's browser button (or the mouse right-click tool (highlight text and share).

Hope this helps,


All I want to do is see if a hashtag is blue or green, nothing else.

You would need at least the Lite plan for that -Saul