URL Wont Shorten To The rTag.co Automatically

Jaron Ray Hinds 4 years ago updated by RiteTag Support Team 4 years ago 5

When I try to share an article, it wont shorten the url at the end of the media description. This takes up many more valuable characters instead of the brief http://rtag.co ..

Tried to isolate the extension to eliminate possible interference from other extensions and still wouldn't fix the bug. Broken in both chrome and Chrome Canary. Have made a recent change in my subscription which may be the cause of the snag. Appreciate your help.

Under review

Did you try typing a space at the end of the URL and waiting 3 seconds? - Saul


Huh. This is peculiar, Jaron. Have you experienced it since? If this happens again, a really helpful thing to do is to press f12, then go to 'console' and grab the entire screenshot. This helps the developers with a little more information to figure out a solution.


Jaron, try clearing browser cache "files" and refreshing browser. - Saul

I've now experienced this bug too! 😖