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Jan, to unsubscribe, just go to Settings (from your name, pull down to Settings in the RiteTag site), and you'll see the notifications right at the top.  Uncheck the box, save at the bottom, and you wont hear from us again.

I am the founder, and the one email I send per week, just informing users of new features and improvements can be easily turned off.  Just log in, and from your name (top right), open Settings. Right at the top is notifications.  You left them turned on, which is why you get the one email/week that sicken you.  Then, click "save" at the bottom.  You wont hear from us again.

Hope this helps,

Saul Fleischman
Founder and CEO

Great question. What people will get to understand over time is that our color-grading system is extremely time-sensitive and always adjusting.  A "good" hashtag now may stay good for months, but depending on spikes in usage, some will tip into a different range (great or overused) - and this can happen at any minute.  Thus, we stand by what we're telling you at both times: when you sent/scheduled the tweet (how the tags and total tweet score was - then) as well as how we'd rate it now (when you use "Audit my timeline" - from the dashboard on our site), should you reschedule it.  
Thus, it may have been very good at the time, but if you were to reschedule, you might want to buff up a hashtag or two.
I hope this helps,

Thank you for the suggestion, Susan.  I just spoke with our CTO who is all for this as well.  We just planned this as something to code, but it will take time.  Services like Aweber and Mailchimp offer this, but with our own CRM within RiteTag, we do as much as we can as fast as we can, alas.  We apologize for the inconvenience.