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Great!  Also, in a few months, we will include a photo-uploader (画像挿入の機能) in Optimizer.
We just upgraded our data server.  You should find RiteTag working faster.
Looks like the account is @solohour, Michal. I see him as Lite, and Michael mentioned in Twitter that he's using Chrome browser on OS X.
Thanks for confirming - just 3 days.  In general, the site and Chrome extension are working for me and others, so, perhaps Michal can help you debug the situation.  
Jerry, I see you as a Free user. If you registered for RiteTag over a month ago, the reason you can't use RiteTag or the Chrome extension is that your free 30-day trial has expired.  See our plans for details:
It worked for your one account, and will for the other.  I just checked, and you still have the @ThePlecoFeeder account set to get notifications.  Kindly sign in to Twitter on that account, go to your settings in RiteTag site, deselect "Receive important updates," save at the bottom, and you wont hear from us.  I see that you did that for @DouglasPatac account, so that one's fine.
Just wrote you directly, but in case you don't get that, please login to your other twitter account, then log in to RiteTag (you have a RiteTag account associated with @ThePlecoFeeder) and go to Settings, deselect the notifications box, save at the bottom.  No more emails.
We probably have a problem on the admin side.  We'll take care of it immediately, and apologies for the inconvenience.
You have logout from your name pull-down in the site.  Did you mean in something else?  The Android app?